♥ Ru on Friday, June 13, 2014

Stonehenge, Windsor and Bath Day Trip from London

After visiting London, Stonehenge is one of the must go places where if we had already flown there and not visit the place, it feels like we've not been there yet.

So we decided to take up a one day tour in London as our colleague told us that it's easier go to the Stonehenge by bus through a tour as compared to going there by our own. To make the most out of the day trip, we booked the Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge Day Trip from Viator (because Viator had special offers and low price guarantee, I heard it's cheaper than booking directly from Evan Evans Tours).

In fact I find it very value for money thanks to our friendly tour guide, who told us a number of interesting stories about England.

Along the way, we passed by a several interesting sights:

The colorful boots at the window, it's really pretty
Buildings with Blocked Windows
Our guide told us that the windows of some old buildings are blocked to avoid the window tax imposed on England previously (Wikipedia says that this tax actually started since 1696). He says that last time they actually taxes rich people using the window tax because the bigger the house, the more windows there will be and it's meant to tax the citizens based on their prosperity level.

Interesting Road Sign that we don't see it in SG
This feels like a dark humor item we saw after alighting the bus along the way to the Bath
There's a man there the seems to be able to get quite a number of the pigeons onto the tourist's body for photoshooting. Interesting but it's probably going to be quite an expensive photo.  
This is an area where there's arc shaped terrace houses adjacent to each other forming almost a circle along the circular centre where the trees are planted on the road.