♥ Ru on Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Roman Baths, London Vicinity

The Roman Baths' entry ticket is by far the most interesting looking entry ticket of my Trip. It's a plastic coin like token which we'd drop into the bowl where the person in charge collects all the tickets from us to grant us entry into the bath. Too bad, I don't get to keep it for sake keeping even though it's really cute but I'd think that it's a good idea as it's certainly more environment friendly than all other entry tickets as this is reusable unlike the rest.

This is a photo of the side of the bath building.

As usual, I like to take such photos with flying birds as they are like everywhere.. but hard to capture somehow..

This is one of the arch like gate in the bath area.

This is probably one of the few people that bask on the streets in London Area.

Entry to The Roman Baths

This is the only bath where we can actually get this near to it..

Thanks to our friendly guide, we got a picture @ the Bath

It's kind of sad that it just keeps raining on and off in the area. Luckily, we did get an umbrella.

This is the area of the bath where we can only peep through the windows.

The bronze statue head, the face part is pretty much intact but the rest of it is gone.

They use a combination of artifacts and projected to show us the history of the bath

This is a nice looking corner here it looks like a mini waterfall.

This is the only place I see this structure somehow...

Some of the tiles on the floor are still intact which is nice..

This is like a wishing pond @ the bath area, full of ancient coins, hence glittering in the light because of their reflective surface.

This is the water of the spring to the bath which contains high trace of Iron for us to try. I'd suggest that you only take a small slip if you are interested. As it tasted like I am kind of drinking blood due to the high iron content.

Interesting food which I didn't try as I was so full by the time I got there.