♥ Ru on Monday, June 16, 2014

Windsor Castle, London Vicinity

The Windsor Castle is very big and grand. Also, it's pretty much surrounded by gardens and plants instead of the water moat which we usually see in those fairy tale cartoons.

Train head display
Wristband ticket to Windsor Castle

Here's us taking photo with the castle.

This is one of the flowers in the garden next to the castle.

The windows on the most outside wall of the castle is kind of interesting because it's a small narrow cross gap. I tried to look out and couldn't see much.

There's also a row of cannon statues at outside of the castle

At the more interior part of the castle, there's statues and other stuff. We can't take photos of the actual interior part of the castle though but it's mainly paintings and letters about the queen and king here. Interesting but I can't quite understand the handwriting though.

Between the exterior walls of the castle and the inner wall of the actual castle building, there's beautiful garden.

This is the pond at the centre of that garden. It feels like a relaxing place to be in but possibly forbidden for us to enter as I took this over the wall and there's no one in the garden which might is why I think we can't actually go in there. 

This is something on the wall of the castle. I wonder if it's a European thing where they like to install elaborated designs on their buildings.

This is one of the entrance to the sight seeing venues within the castle.

There's quite a number of signs informing us where's what.

We are lucky enough to see a row of guards in the area. As there's lots of people crowding around. I wonder if it's a guard shift changing period of the day.

To visit the Windsor Castle, apart from taking a day trip, you can also come here through the railway (alight at Windsor & Eton Central Station). But the train didn't look very frequent though. 

To better plan your trip, check out their official website for events as well:

 With some luck, you might get to see the military band performance on the road.

In the next few days, I shall upload the bath photos with more explanation of what I see as well :)